14 April 2022 -

The hidden histories of labour and professions is the theme of this week’s Hidden Histories: Gender and Design seminar. DHS Ambassador Alexandra Banister meets Erin Malone, Chair of the Interaction Design BFA programme at California College of the Arts, to further discuss her research on the missing women in the history of interaction design.

To hear the full talk on Thursday 14th April, register for free via Eventbrite:

What is your background and how did you develop an interest in design history?

For my MFA in graphic design, I created an interactive design history piece about PM and AD Magazine and the Composing Room in NYC and spent a lot of time writing biographies of designers for the Design Archives housed at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology). Now as an interaction designer teaching Interaction design history, I am really digging into the history of the profession and the designers who made it a distinct practice.

What does your research focus on?

My research focuses on the women in the field of Interaction Design and their contributions to creating all parts of the field.

Your talk is part of a wider seminar series on Hidden Histories: Gender in Design, how does this apply to your work?

My talk covers a few highlights about a few women I have been researching and writing about specifically within the profession of Interaction Design. The history is barely written and in general women haven't been mentioned let alone featured.


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