The Journal of Design History, the Society's periodical, is published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Design History Society. It is the leading journal in its field and plays an active role in the development of design history.

In publication since 1988, the research-focused mouthpiece of the Design History Society (DHS), the Journal of Design History (JDH) –- embraces the history of a range of design-related subjects, from furniture to product design, graphic design, craft, fashion, textiles, architectural interiors and exhibitions. Its orientation and reach are global. The Journal addresses the history of design from a humanities perspective primarily, but it also borrows methods from related fields including the social sciences, material culture studies and cultural studies. Having established design history as a discrete discipline, the JDH also aims to be of interest to historically aware and critically engaged design practitioners and educators.

The Journal includes articles - in-depth case-studies with a level of general appeal; shorter pieces addressing museums and archives; and book reviews. In addition to the general issues, special issues focus on selected themes.

Members of the Design History Society receive the JDH quarterly as part of their subscription.

To find out more about publishing in the Journal of Design History, please read our instructions for authors and guide to online submission. To submit your work for consideration, please use our manuscript management system.


Members of subscribing academic institutions with an Athens username and password should be able to access the full text of articles published from the start of 2004. If you don't have an Athens username and password, you can still read the full text of some articles from 2004 only. If you don't know what an Athens username or password are then you should speak to your college or university librarian.

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Volume 28, number 1
Volume 28, number 1

1 March 2015

Volume 27, Number 4
Volume 27, Number 4

4 November 2014

Volume 27, Number 3
Volume 27, Number 3

1 September 2014

Volume 26, number 4
Volume 26, number 4

1 November 2013

Volume 26, number 3
Volume 26, number 3

1 September 2013

Volume 26, number 1
Volume 26, number 1

1 February 2013

Volume 24, number 1
Volume 24, number 1

1 March 2011

Volume 23, number 4
Volume 23, number 4

1 December 2010

Volume 23, number 3
Volume 23, number 3

1 September 2010

Editorial Board

Prof Grace Lees-Maffei (Chair of the Editorial Board) University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK

Dr Sarah A. Lichtman (Managing Editor) Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, USA

Asst. Prof Dr Jane Tynan (Reviews Editor) Vrije University, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sally-Anne Huxtable (Editor, Archives, Collections & Curatorship and Ex Officio, Chair of the DHS) London Metropolitan University, UK

Dr Harriet Atkinson (Obituaries Editor) University of Brighton

Prof Dr Kjetil Fallan (DHS JDH Translations Editor, and Conference Publications Liaison) University of Oslo, Norway

Dr Sarah Cheang (JDH Explorations Editor) Royal College of Art, London, UK

Dr Livia Rezende (JDH Explorations Editor) University of New South Wales, Australia

Assoc. Prof Dr Priscila Lena Farias, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Prof Dr Cat Rossi, University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, UK

Advisory Board

Visiting Prof Suchitra Balasubrahmanyan, New Delhi and Ahmedabad, India

Prof Ana Maria Fernández Garcia
, University of Orviedo, Spain

Prof Fredie Floré
, KU Leuven, Belgium

Prof Ben Highmo
re, University of Sussex, UK

Associate Prof Helena Kåberg
, Nationalmuseum, Sweden

Prof Pat Kirkham
, Kingston University, UK

Associate Prof Deirdre Pretorius
, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Associate Prof Yasuko Suga
, Tsuda University, Japan

Prof Fedja Vukić
, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Prof Jonathan Woodham
, University of Brighton, UK