Objects Matter: Design Education and Learning through Objects in the Museum
Objects Matter: Design Education and Learning through Objects in the Museum

The one-day workshop Objects Matter: design education and learning through objects in the museum co-organised by Design History Society, the Design Museum and Council for Higher Education in Art and Design was held on 10 September 2019.

30 September 2019 -

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Event Report: Tasting the Table

How much can we understand about the tastes, techniques and aesthetics of historic tables without experiencing them for ourselves? Design historians often look to the furniture, flatware, crockery and dressings of consumption to tell us about cultural contexts of taste – both sensorial and cultural. Documentation, however, from published compendiums...

25 July 2016 -

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Design History Society Day Symposium, Transnational Textiles: New Directions

The generous Design History Society Day Symposium Award enabled the symposium Transnational Textiles: New Directions to take place at Northumbria University in November. The Symposium brought together academics, students, practitioners and museum professionals based in the UK and Scandinavia to share their interest in transnational textiles.

12 February 2016 -

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DHS ​Research Funding Workshop Summary

In April 2015, the Design History Society hosted its inaugural research funding workshop in design history. This session is part of the Society's on-going programme of workshops supporting research in design history and related fields...

13 July 2015 -

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