The Student Travel Award is awarded by the DHS bi-annually to encourage and support research activity amongst students in the field of design history. The grant is open to all student members of the Society. To be eligible to apply, applicants must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student at any institution and undertaking research in the field of design history of any geography and period.

The Student Travel Award may be used towards the costs incurred for research trips including travel to conferences, accommodation, travel and other research expenses (e.g. photocopying costs, library membership).

The deadlines for the award are on the 15th of January and as of 2019, the DHS will introduce a new funding round with a 15th of June deadline. This new deadline will help accommodate and support a greater breadth and amount of applications for this award.

Applicants are judged on the following criteria:

  • Contribution to the discipline of design history
  • Impact the award will make on the student's research
  • Qualification of applicant to conduct the proposed research
  • Contribution to the activities and aims of the Design History Society

A total of £3,000 is available per year. Successful applicants will be awarded a maximum of £500 each. Parts of a request might be funded and others rejected. Grants will not be considered to cover retrospective costs that have already been incurred and paid for.

Recipients of a Student Travel Award must provide a report of their visit and research conducted to be published in the Design History Society Newsletter and on the website within six weeks of completion of visit. With reference to postgraduate recipients, if the results are publishable in an article format, recipients are encouraged to approach the Journal of Design History for consideration for submission.

The Design History Society's contribution must be acknowledged in any public dissemination of the resulting research. A copy of any publication funded by a Travel Award must be sent for inclusion in the Design History Society's archive held at Cowcross Street.

The deadline for applications occurs twice a year: 15 January and 15 June. Applicants are notified of the outcome of their submission within 6 weeks of the application deadline.

Please submit your completed application form by e-mail and any further enquiries to Design History Society at:

Guidance Notes

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Application Form

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