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9 January 2020

The following projects are available for PhD students in 2020 at the University of Tasmania:

Communicating Sustainability: How do green buildings educate about building science and promote sustainability as a value system? I have been answering this question using science museums as a building type, but good proposal topics might include green museums in a global or Australian context, sustainability communication in building types other than museums, and how to invest architecture with legible pedagogical content. [link at: https://secure.utas.edu.au/research/degrees/available-phd-projects/phd-projects/college-of-sciences-and-engineering/school-of-technology,-environments-and-design/architecture-and-design/communicating-sustainability/]

Building the University: UTas is currently moving their Launceston campus from the suburbs to close to the central business district. The process is rife with possibilities for studies of architecture. [link at: https://secure.utas.edu.au/research/degrees/available-phd-projects/phd-projects/college-of-sciences-and-engineering/school-of-technology,-environments-and-design/architecture-and-design/building-the-university] *

The Social Side of Design: This is a catch-all project for anything pre- or post-occupancy related, anything about city branding, or anything else studying the meaning and effects of architecture. [link at: https://secure.utas.edu.au/research/degrees/available-phd-projects/phd-projects/college-of-sciences-and-engineering/school-of-technology,-environments-and-design/architecture-and-design/the-social-side-of-design]

The University of Tasmania offers eligible candidates scholarships of $27,596AUS per year stipend for 3.5 years in addition to covering tuition and fees.Interested prospective students can click on the links above to read more, or email me directly at Georgia.lindsay@utas.edu.au International scholarships are awarded in late March, so applications would need to be complete by the end of February.

Applications are available through this link.


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