5 January 2021

Megha Rajguru in conversation with Livia Lazzaro Rezende, the 2020 Design Writing Prize Winner.

We start the new year with a little surprise. The second edition of the DHS podcast* is now live!

Please listen to Megha Rajguru, the DHS Teaching and Learning Officer, in conversation with the 2020 Design Writing Prize winner, Livia Lazzaro Rezende (University of New South Wales, Australia) with her submission titled "Deep Encounters with the Design History Archive: From Brazil '68 to now” the research for which has been supported by a Faculty Research Grant awarded from the UNSW Art & Design School.

Livia wishes to express her gratitude to Clara Meliande & Tatiana Pinto for their collaboration in this project, and Dr Shehnaz Sutterwalla for nominating her piece to the DHS Writing prize.

Photos are from Livia’s current research project, titled “Design at a crossroads: ‘imperialist’ industrial and graphic design as negotiated at the International Design Biennales in Brazil (1968, 1970 & 1972)” All research photos are by Livia Rezende.

Applications for the Design Writing Prize are accepted yearly, usually by mid-June. To find out more about the prize, the submission guidelines and form, please visit this link.


Twitter handle @Liv_Rezende

*Sound effects obtained from


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