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23 October 2019

This fully-funded PhD explores the intersection of high speed motilities and fashion in the century of speed. Hosted jointly by Kingston University and Brooklands Museum, the successful candidate will situate items of dress from museum collections within wider histories of fashion, technology and international media spectacle using Brooklands’ extensive and unique documentary, film and photographic archives. Working at the world’s first purpose-built motor-racing circuit and one of its earliest aerodromes, the successful candidate will gain an in-depth understanding of histories of technology, fashion, media, sport, and spectacle. The project presents outstanding opportunities to apply your research insights to the future development of Brooklands award-winning exhibitions and educational programmes, working within a dynamic and exciting participatory learning environment.

Beginning in October 2020, the student will be supervised by Dr Chris Horrocks and Dr Helen Wickstead (Kingston University) and Virginia Smith (Director of Education and Participation, Brooklands Museum).

Applicants are encouraged to contact Dr Helen Wickstead to discuss the project in more detail: h.wickstead@kingston.ac.uk

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