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14 March 2018

The Institute of Design at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design calls for applications for a permanent position as Associate Professor/Professor with a focus on design critique. The position is connected to the strategic direction of design education and research at the Institute. It is based on identified needs to support and further develop critical and conceptual aspects of design inquiry, criticism and communication, including historiographic and forward-facing perspectives, as well as their connection across domains of design. The further development and application of design history and theory is essential to our design educational curriculum and needs to be integrated into our existing programme, as well as to augment our research project portfolios and content. This position is geared towards developing, building and shaping design theory and history and its application at IDE within a wider international framework of transdisciplinary Design Studies.

Included in the position is the role of design criticism and design communication in pedagogy and research. Design criticism is a needed part of reflecting on and interpreting historical, contemporary and projected aspects of design and especially knowledge gathered through designing. Methodologically, design criticism also covers how we might understand and challenge the cultural aspects of design, as inheritances and as performative, and design's role in society across histories and futures.

The position requires an academic research track record in design inquiry that is preferably related to theory building and contexts of critical and interpretive analysis, including histories of practice and practices of history. The Institute of Design is interested in experience and publication in cultural aspects of design and especially perspectives from the Humanities and Digital Humanities. The applicant would need a clear project based research portfolio and pedagogical experience to handle this innovative, interdisciplinary initiative.

Deadline for applications is 15 May 2018. For the full role descriptor and further information, please visit the following link.



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