2 July 2020

DHS Publication Grant Awarded 'Fashion in Multiple Chinas: Chinese Styles in the Transglobal Landscape' is now in Paperback.

Please join us in celebrating the editors, Wessie Ling and Simona Segre-Reinachand all the contributing authors of the DHS publication grant awarded, Fashion in Multiple Chinas: Chinese Styles in the Transglobal Landscape, for the release of their paperback edition.

In Fashion in Multiple Chinas, expert authors explore how a multitude of Chinese fashions operate across the widespread, fragmented and diffused Chinese diaspora. They challenge the idea of Chinese nationalism as ‘one nation’, as well as of China as a single reality, revealing the realities of Chinese fashion as diverse and comprising multiple practices. They also demonstrate how the making of Chinese fashion is composed of numerous layers, often involving a web of global entanglements between manufacturing and circulation, retailing and branding. Chapters cover the mechanics of the PRC fashion industry, the creative economy of Chinese fashion, its retail and branding, and the cultural identity of Chinese fashion from the diaspora comprising the transglobal landscape of fashion production.

On another good news, part of the chapter on contemporary Chinese fashion, by Juan Juan Wu, has also recently been featured in the South China Morning Post with great praise.

Also excited are the book reviews in various journals. The editors wish to offer their sincere thanks to the following reviewers for their earnest comments;

“This impressive book re-frames all general and many specialist understandings of Chinese fashion. It turns on its head nearly everything I was taught and have imagined about dress in China, from the period of Mao to the present day.” (Peter McNeil, Distinguished Professor in Design History, University Technology, Sydney)

“…Fashion in Multiple Chinas offers an established foundation of rigorous scholarly enquiry that enables further study of the future of Chinese fashion...” (Fashion Theory; Dr Tim Lindgren, Queensland University of Technology)

“Advocating epistemological pluralism, this book aims to challenges Western-centric discourse about fashion and China’s role in the global fashion system […] [b]ased on a wide range of research conducted by key international scholars...” (China Quarterly; Dr Tommy Tse, University of Hong Kong)

“This book reveals interesting facets of Chinese fashion […] that are likely to influence global fashion as China’s role increases worldwide.” (China Perspectives; Dr Sabine Chretien-Ichikawa, ESSCA School of Management)

“The book allows readers to gain a comprehensive understanding of Chinese fashion market and its industry in an efficient manner.” (International Journal of Fashion Studies; Dr Christine Tsui, author of China Fashion: Conversations with designers).


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