4 October 2022

The Design History Society would like to share the outcome of the Design Writing and Essay Prizes (undergraduate and postgraduate categories).

This year, the standard of submissions was high, making the reviewing and selection of winners a challenge. As usual, this was carried through a double-blind peer-review process and the winners were chosen on the basis of their scores. In addition, this year's Guest Judge for the Design Writing Prize, Alice Twemlow selected the final winning entry. We would like to express our gratitude to Alice and to all of the submitting authors, whose work enriches and expands our field. The winners based on top scores were:

Joana Albernaz Delgado, V&A/RCA History of Design MA Graduate & current PhD Researcher, London - "Musical Chairs" for the Design Writing Prize

Katharine Lawden, University of Oxford, Department of Continuing Education - "Creating Kenya / Collecting Africa: The Kamba souvenir as a reflection of changing geopolitics in Kenya (c. 1918–1978)" for the Postgraduate Essay Prize

Emma Gill, Technological University Dublin - "Why is Modern Design Employed to Reinforce the Concept of Villainy in Film? Immorality and Modernism in the Contemporary Villain’s Lair" for the Undergraduate Essay Prize

We were delighted to congratulate our winners wholeheartedly for their invaluable contribution to design history at the AGM and DHS conference 2022, Design and Transience. We also would like to express our gratitude to all the authors and to our judge, Alice Twemlow, who, through their research and writing, enrich and expand our field.


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