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22 January 2020

Despite its increasing prevalence and importance in HCI, the term “designfiction” is used in a number of different ways for different goals. Withdesign fiction reaching a critical mass in the CHI community, this is anopportune moment for reflection and agenda-setting.This workshop will address major questions for design fictions:

- What can we learn from those who have created speculative and critical fictions before us? How can we understand the “who” politics of design fictions – i.e., how can we create more inclusive authorship of design fictions? We hope to construct an inclusive taxonomy of design fictions.

- While the method of creating design fictions seems simple – “just write a fiction!” – there are now multiple approaches to the creation of design fictions, with roots in humanities, politics, collaboration, and design. We hope to provide a taxonomy of diverse methods for design fictions.

- Design fictions have entered the SIGCHI literature as archival contributions. How are reviewers evaluating design fiction submissions? There may be no unitary “right way” to review these diverse genres. We hope to develop a set of pluralistic review guidelines for these emerging genres.We invite your submissions as extended abstracts (max. 4 pages).

We are open to diverse submission formats – please contact us to discuss ifneeded. Submissions should be emailed to DesignFictionWorkshop2020@gmail.com <mailto:DesignFictionWorkshop2020@gmail.com>and will be peer-reviewed by the organizers based on originality,relevance, and clarity. Submission acceptance requires that at least oneauthor registers for and attend the workshop. For details, please see ourwebsite at https://sites.google.com/view/DesignFictionsWorkshopCHI2020/home <https://sites.google.com/view/DesignFictionsWorkshopCHI2020/home>

Workshop organizers: Michael Muller, Jeffrey Bardzell, EunJeong Cheon,Norman Makoto Su, Eric P.S, Baumer, Casey Fiesler, Ann Light, Mark Blythe


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