22 May, 12 - 12am

On Wednesday 22 May 2024 at 12:00-1:15pm ET, join editors Jilly Traganou and Sarah Lichtman for the virtual launch event of their new collection Design, Displacement, Migration: Spatial and Material Histories (Routledge, 2024). This timely new volume gathers scholarly and creative voices—spanning design, art, and architectural history; design studies; curation; poetry; activism; and social sciences––to interrogate the intersections of design and displacement.

The event is free and open to the public; email jkbuhler@purdue.edu to receive the zoom link.

The book launch will include comments from the editors and brief presentations from the following five contributors, who will discuss their work and talk about the larger themes that emerge from the collection as a whole:

Sophia Vyzoviti, "The Architecture of Emergency Shelters in the 2015 European Refugee Accommodation Crisis"

Elli Michaela Young, "'It was Jamaican Style, and They Didn’t Have Anything Like That in England': An Oral History Account of Self-fashioning"

Parwana Amini, "Your Eyes Bother Us"

Christina Zetterlund, "Place and Displacement in the Production of Swedish Modernity: A Suggestion for a Multi-sited Design History"

Javier Gimeno-Martinez "Pluralizing the Code: Designed National Symbols Beyond Reverence"

In their writings, the contributors foreground objects, spaces, visual, and material practices and consider design’s role in the empire, the state, and various colonizing regimes in controlling the mass movement of people, things, and ideas across borders, as well as in social acts that resist forced mobility and immobility, or enact new possibilities. By consciously surfacing echoes, rhymes, and dissonances among varied histories, this volume highlights local specificity while also accounting for the vectors of displacement and design across borders and histories. Design, Displacement, Migration: Spatial and Material Histories shows displacement to be a lens for understanding space and materiality and vice versa, particularly within the context of modernity and colonialism. This book will be of interest to scholars working in design history, design studies, architectural history, art history, urban studies, and migration studies.

This publication follows from the 2018 DHS annual conference 'Design and Displacement' (convened by Lichtman and Traganou at Parsons, NYC) and was supported by the DHS Research Publication Grant