Society News

1 December 2023

The Design History Society is pleased to welcome our new Ambassador, Rowan Adamson.

Rowan recently achieved her Master’s degree in the History of Design and Material Culture from the University of Brighton. Her academic journey began in Scotland, where she earned an undergraduate degree in Textile Design at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen. Grounded in design and craft principles, Rowan’s educational background has been instrumental in informing her research in Design History, with a focus on understanding various making creative methods and making practices.

For her Master's dissertation, titled "Memory, Materiality, and the Collection: Exploring the relationship between object and artist within contemporary art and craft," Rowan delved into creative practices involving found objects and archival material as inspiration. Her research interests span a range of topics, including but not limited to the Materiality of the Archive, Memory, and Scottish Textile Design and Craft.

Speaking about her appointment as DHS Ambassador, Rowan said: "I am thankful for my involvement with the DHS, which allows me to stay updated on the ongoing discourse in Design History. This engagement serves as a valuable resource as I explore potential avenues for further study and career opportunities. Currently based in Glasgow, I look forward to continuing my academic and professional pursuits in the field."

Remember, we are still recruiting for a second Ambassador. If you would like to join Rowan, please apply here.


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