11 June 2021

Reverberations, a new podcast series by Zara Arshad in collaboration with the DHS is now live!

The Design History Society is proud to announce the launch of the podcast series Reverberations by Zara Arshad!

Reverberations, funded by the DHS, is created to discuss marginalisation, underrepresentation and erasure in the UK’s cultural and creative sectors. You may now listen to these series on this page or on DHS podcasts on Spotify or iTunes!

The series is organised around three key themes, Institutions, Divergent Models and Decolonising Design and Culture. The first season of the podcast, Institutions, broadly focuses on history making, particularly in relation to design history. The conversations that feature implicitly reflect on how and where our histories have conventionally been told, and who gets to tell them through considering the work and experiences of BIPOC
peers and colleagues, who have navigated, continue to navigate, and frequently resist institutional structures and frameworks in varying ways.

Stay tuned for the second season, Divergent Models!


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