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7 October 2020

Postcards from Basel #3

Today in the mailbox, the convening team of the DHS 2021 conference in Basel is sharing with us some highlights of the design process of the event's corporate identity.

"Topic: Corporate Identity Memory Full?

For the CI of the DHS Annual Conference, a competition among students of the MA Visual Communication was launched. Aubrey Pohl, who won the contest, describes his proposal:

«The poster itself was inspired most prominently by an exhibit at the Vitra Design Museum, "Objects of Desire," a revisitation of surrealism as a design practice. I was tantalized by the surrealist approach of starting with an everyday object, one with pre-established meaning and symbolism, then distorting its relationship to those concepts. When it came to the theme for the DHS conference, "Memory Full?" I thought of objects that function as containers for memory: cds, vinyl records, books, hard-drives, etc. After a trip to the recycling center in the basement of the HGK high rise building, I found a collection of discarded hard-drives, and these objects became the foundation for my image-making process. As the poster progressed, more symbols representative of memory and time, such as rings of a tree and layers of paper, were added to the composition.»

Aubrey Pohl"

Ernst Meret, Monica Gaspar and Gabriele Oropallo


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