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5 November 2016

Journal of Design History

Appointment to Editorial Board: Managing Editor

The Design History Society wishes to invite individuals who can make a distinctive and dynamic contribution to the development of design history to apply to join the Editorial Board of the Journal of Design History as Managing Editor. The Journal, which is published by Oxford University Press in partnership with the Society, is the pre-eminent journal in its field and works to extend the international and interdisciplinary significance of the subject.

The Board is responsible, through its Chair, to the Society for the operation of the Journal within terms of reference, which are regularly reviewed. The Managing Editor oversees peer review for the Journal, working to maintain the Journal’s high standards and to develop the Editorial Board in this regard. She or he should expect to devote one day per week to the Journal, including twice-yearly attendance at Editorial Board meetings, in January in London and in September at the DHS conference, as well as annual meetings with the Publisher in Oxford, usually in June. In addition to refereeing a cross section of papers submitted through the Journal’s web-based manuscript management system, each member of the Board plays a leading role with certain submissions, considering referees reports to produce recommendations for the Board and, where appropriate, liaising with the authors about revisions. In addition, each editor has particular responsibilities in relation to special features or aspects of the Journal’s work.

Appointment to the Board is for a five-year renewable term of office. Those appointed will enjoy a gratis membership of the Society and may be based in any country provided they have regular internet access and can travel to meetings. Relevant expenses are reimbursed, and Oxford University Press provides a small annual stipend in recognition of the work involved in the role of Managing Editor.

Appointments will be made by an Appointments Committee established for the purpose, including the Chair of the Society and the Chair of the Editorial Board. In making its selection, the Committee will consider the extent to which each candidate meets the person specification, as well as the balance of subject expertise and skills of the Board as a whole. At the present time applications are sought across the full thematic, geographical and period range of design history and are also welcome from those in closely related disciplines.

Job and person descriptions for the role of Managing Editor are available from the Design History Society’s Administrator, Elli Michaela Young, at Applications should be made by letter outlining the candidate's suitability and a curriculum vitae, including a list of relevant publications. Applications are submitted to the Design History Society Administrator at The Chair of the Editorial Board, Prof Penny Sparke, is happy to discuss the duties and responsibilities of Managing Editor with potential applicants. She can be contacted at The deadline for applications is 28th February 2017.

Managing Editor Job Description

The Managing Editor has the following responsibilities and duties:

·       Managing the peer-review, editorial, and production and marketing processes of the Journal in conjunction with authors and the publisher

·       Supporting the Chair in effective operation of the Editorial Board by the preparation of reports and the implementation of measures agreed

·       Assisting the Chair of the Board in formulating the business and subject-development strategy for the Journal and being responsible for its successful realisation.

·       Assisting the Chair in monitoring the effectiveness of Advisory Board of the Journal and proposing necessary amendments to its memberships and terms of reference in accordance with policy established by the EB.

·       Complementing the Chair in representing the JDH in international and interdisciplinary contexts

·       Providing reviews and editorial advice where appropriate for papers submitted for consideration as to other members of the Editorial Board

This position will require a commitment of at least one half day or one day a week. Reasonable expenses for approved travel to meetings and other occasions where the editor is representing the Journal will be reimbursed. The Publisher will pay an annual honorarium of c. £1250.

The normal term of office will be five years, which may be extended by mutual agreement.

Managing Editor Person Specification

The successful applicant will:

·       Be an influential figure in design history, with significant research relevant to the field and related professions, e.g. design and design education, curatorship and design criticism

·       Have experience of journal editorship involving diverse author and reader constituencies

·       Have experience of collaborative peer-review and editorial processes involving on-line interaction

·       Have taken initiatives to develop design history and be able to help formulate and communicate the Journal’s vision for its future

·       Have experience of managing projects and/or areas of work in a company or other organisation

·       Be willing to contribute to the development of the Design History Society

·       Be able to communicate successfully and tactfully via a number of channels including web-based systems.

Experience as a member of the Editorial or Advisory Board of the Journal of Design History would be an advantage. The Managing Editor may reside anywhere in the world from where travel to London and Oxford for meetings several times a year is practicable. While employment in an institution of Higher Education or a museum may be relevant, this is not a requirement. A good reading knowledge of languages other than English would be an advantage.

Application is by letter of intent and c.v. to the DHS Administrator, by the published deadline, and interview thereafter.


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