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18 September 2023

DHS Annual Conference 2023: Displaying Design - thank you!

The DHS annual conference 2023 took place at ESAD College of Art and Design in Matosinhos, Porto. The theme Displaying Design: History, Criticism, and Curatorial Discourses attracted great interest from colleagues, students and professionals who spent three days discussing the latest issues in design history. The academic exchanges in panels were complemented by three excellent keynote lectures by Jane Pavitt, Maria Helena Souto and Saki Mafundikwa and a number of accompanying events, including publication workshops, a student forum, film screenings and a book fair. The academic part of the conference was followed by a city tour that traced the highlights of design, architecture and art in Porto and Matosinhos.

The DHS would like to express its heart-fell thanks to the entire team of convenors at esad-idea, especially to Maria João Baltazar, Magda Seifert, Joana Couceiro, Emanuel Barbosa and Maira Biza who made the conference not only intellectually stimulating but also an incredibly friendly event. We are also grateful to their dedicated team who secured smooth running of all the days and supply of delicious food and drink.

Thank you once again, team ESAD, and we will be looking forward to getting together at the 2024 DHS annual conference. It will take place at the University for the Creative Arts at Canterbury under the theme of Border control: excursion, incursion and exclusion.

DHS Trustees at the Museu da Quinta de Santiago for the Oxford University Press Reception
JDH Editorial Board at the Museu da Quinta de Santiago for the Oxford University Press Reception


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