6 September 2019

Interest in maritime art and its role in art history has reignited in recent years and this conference provides an opportunity for examination and reassessment of this field. The theme of Art and the Sea lends itself to interdisciplinary approaches and subject matter. It is anticipated that interest will arise from those working in art history, transport history, sociology, maritime studies, natural history, engineering, biology and many other areas. Submissions for conference papers on the theme of ‘Art and the Sea’ from these and other disciplines are welcome.

The sea and maritime travel are subjects of universal fascination. For centuries, the sea inspired both fear and fascination and, unsurprisingly, these emotions fuelled artists and craftspeople to create work in response. Traversing the sea was often laborious which led to sailors developing new crafts or to vessels being decorated to entertain or provide interest.

For the 2019 CPMH Conference, we consider these themes and aim to discover what current, cutting-edge research is revealing about the role of art and design in relation to the sea. We encourage the discussion of previous debates in the light of new evidence or approaches and the introduction of entirely new subject matter and methods.

Dates & Venue:

September 12th: Seminar Room No. One, Management School Building, University of Liverpool

September 13th: The David M. Robinson Room, The John Lennon Building, Liverpool John Moores University

Please book via this link. Delegate tickets cost £10 (includes lunch and refreshments)


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