22 April 2020

Routledge is partnering with the University of Manchester and AMPS on two virtual conferences as part of a “Teaching and Research” event and publication initiative starting in 2020. Teaching + Research is a conference and publication initiative coordinated by Routledge, AMPS, PARADE and the University of Manchester. There are two virtual conferences coming up:


Place: Virtual / University of Manchester

Dates: 02-04 December, 2020

Round One Abstracts: 30 June 2020




Place: Virtual / University of Manchester

Dates: 21-23 April, 2021

Early Abstracts: 30 June 2020


These are virtual conferences with a keynote presentation from the University of Manchester.


Teaching + Research is a platform for disseminating best practice research and teaching whether you are:

- focused primarily on your teaching

- carrying out research independently of your teaching

- researching pedagogical methods in the classroom

- embedding your research in your teaching

Book publications are coordinated by Routledge. Events are organised by AMPS. The first conferences are hosted virtually by the University of Manchester.



The initiative is thematically open and publishes works connected with key themes in:

Education | Teaching Practice | Theories of Learning | Educational Technologies | Pedagogy | Educational Psychology | Learning spaces



There is particular interest in cross-disciplinary approaches and, more specifically still, the initiative will set up platforms for researchers and teachers whose work connects to issues of life, design, representation and the quality of the built environment:

Art | Design | Architecture | Planning | Sustainability | Construction | Public Health | Sociology | Human Geography | Urban Economics | History | Media | Communications


PUBLISHERS: Routledge | UCL Press

FORMATS: Pre-recorded presentations, Zoom, written papers

Nb. select in-person presentations may be held on the day of the live keynote talk.



The backdrop to the conference is the varied interpretations of teaching as it relates to research. Definitions of ‘academic research’ vary but often exclude analysis, experiment, knowledge transfer and critical debate stimulated in the classroom, studio or lab. However, this is challenged. Educationalists routinely define the classroom and laboratory and use it to monitor how space influences learning. In architecture, landscape and urban design, the idea of a ‘design studio’ as a vehicle for research in and of itself is gaining traction. Programs of sociology and human geography routinely collect data on people and communities as part of classroom exercises. Teachers of art and social history reconsider and critique the cultural and social movements of cities in the very act of explaining them.

This conference seeks to engage education professionals in debate and best practice sharing with educators in the art, design and social science disciplines.

Submit and abstract: http://architecturemps.com/tea...



Recent events have brought into full light the various agendas around online education and research. As universities, schools and colleges closed across the world in 2020, teachers and students adapted to new pedagogical tools. Some educational establishments survived, others thrived, while some struggled and have already gone ‘out of business’. For some disciplines, the transition was seamless. Other disciplines writhed at having to forego the peer-to-peer learning environment of the classroom or the dynamic interaction of the design studio. Despite the ‘shock of the new’ all this represented, the virtual classroom, online studio, remote seminar, and distance education more generally, are far from new. Universities like Purdue Global in the US and the Open University have been operating this way for years.

This conference brings together education professionals and theorists with teachers and researchers from other disciplines. It asks, what is the “new present” for education and how do we learn from each other’s expertise and recent experiences.

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