1 June, 7 - 8pm

Was there a particular moment that drove you to embark upon studies in design history? Perhaps it was an object, a reading or experience that sparked this journey or one which keeps you going. For this session, Lightning Talks, we invite students and learners of any kind to present an element of their research in design history. This may be a particular image or question you’re working on within the research. It may be an object you may wish to hold up on screen and discuss. Or it might be a part of your process and methodology (something all of us will appreciate has possibly necessarily changed during the past year) or a distinct topic in design history you’re developing for projects outside your studies.

We encourage contributions from a wide range of people in order to give a broad perspective on our present ways of conducting research in design history.

Each person will have between 5-8 minutes. This ‘lightning’ moment is a short burst of time in which to share an element that sparks your passion about your work. As the session is brief, we will have space for somewhere between 6 and 10 students to present, leaving some time at the end for conversation with all those who presented and any people in the audience.

Please send us your name, title of talk and university course (if applicable), by Friday, 14th May. We will arrange a quick meeting with all the presenters prior to the session so everyone knows the schedule and timing. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jennifer McHugh (jmchugh2012@gmail.com / j.mchugh@soton.ac.uk).

We are looking forward to hearing your design lightning moments!