28 November 2020, 2 - 4pm

How is electric light impacting our health? And what subtle changes are we experiencing as a species? Join us for LIGHT SWITCH from 2pm-4pm on 28 November for a one-day online symposium produced by the Design History Society and Science Gallery Dublin to coincide with the closing of our exhibition INVISIBLE.

We think of electric light as enabling visibility but it also blinds us. Light pollution eliminates darkness from our skies and our panorama of the stars and universe is lost. Light Switch will take you on the journey of how our lives have changed with this technology with two sessions: Electric Light in the Home and Electric Light in the City.

Speakers include design historians Sorcha O’Brien and Lisa Godson, historian Kristin Hussey, chronobiologist Andrew Coogan alongside physicist Brian Espey and architect Donal Lally. Speakers will provide a multidimensional look at how electric light has redesigned our lives, the spaces we live in and the impact of removing darkness from our lives. After the six presentations the contributing speakers will speculate upon how we might design for light and dark in everyday life.

There's also a mini blog of the event!

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