4 September, 2 - 5:45pm

This workshop introduces participants to how academic research can be serialised and presented in formats targeted towards diverse audiences such as academic book publishing, peer-reviewed articles, and public-facing platforms like social media. The workshop is structured in three sessions, which will be delivered through a combination of expert presentations, moderated and audience Q&A, along with a chance to begin drafting and discuss their proposals. Its aim is to explore different ways of making design historical research more accessible and presenting it to a varied audience.

Please register via Eventbrite for free or feel free to drop in to either session on the day. Room details to be announced the day before.

The workshop would explore this through two sessions:

Session 1: Academic Book Publishing


Speaker Details:

Prof. Dr. Anne Massey, University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury; Author, Writing and Publishing in Architecture and Design (2024)

Emma Brennan, Editorial Director, Manchester University Press

This session would cover the various aspects of academic book publishing such as identifying key aspects of research and communicating them to a non-specialist audience, developing academic book proposals, among other related aspects. Participants are also encouraged to start developing their own proposals (based on this format) and bring it for discussion with experts during the workshop.

Session 2a: Explorations section, Journal of Design History


Speaker Details

Dr Livia Lazzaro Rezende, UNSW, Sydney (Editor, Explorations, JDH)

Dr Sarah Cheang, Royal College of Art (Editor, Explorations, JDH)

The Journal of Design History's new Explorations section publishes high quality peer-reviewed content that takes 'non-traditional' academic forms, from short essays to visual essays, interviews, letters and creative writing. In this mini-workshop, the Explorations editors will talk about the aims of the section and the pathways to successful publication. The session includes an opportunity for the participants to begin drafting their own proposal, whether they already have an Explorations submission in mind or if they are merely curious about other ways to express their ideas and communicate and publish their research for a design history readership.

Session 2b: Approaching Social Media Platforms5:10pm - 5:45pm

Speaker details:

Fleur Elkerton, Social Media Producer, Houses of Parliament; Co-Founder, Design in Quarantine

Social media platforms are emerging as important tools to disseminate research findings. This interactive session introduces participants to approaches on presenting their academic research on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, along with using engagement mapping tools.