Day Symposium

The DHS Day Symposium will normally take place in November, April and June, but seminars in other months will also be considered. The focus is intended to encourage regular meetings around current research in design history. The DHS Day Seminar Series Grant is designed to support DHS members who wish to convene and host a Seminar series in their institutions. The Society welcomes proposals to host a seminar series and offers a small grant of £500-£750 to support such an event. The application form below must be completed to propose a Seminar Series and to apply for the DHS Day Seminar Series Grant.

Please note:

  • All conveners must be members of the Design History Society.
  • In all publicity, the Seminar must be billed as the DHS Day Seminar Series 2012-2013, and the DHS logo must be used for all communications used for the seminar series.
  • Seminars will normally take place at the conveners' choice of venue (e.g. own institution) in November, April or June.
  • All details supplied will be used to announce the seminar series through the DHS website, newsletter and facebook page, and thus these must be correct and precise. Any changes must be communicated with the DHS Secretary as soon as possible.
  • All budget details listed in application for DHS grant (£500-£750) must be carefully costed and listed precisely for the DHS accounts.
  • Following the seminar, the conveners must complete a report/ review of the event to be hosted on the DHS website, Newsletter and facebook page, and a summary of costs/ spend of the grant. The report/ review must be submitted within 4 weeks of the seminar. A template to enable this is provided following the application form.

Proposals are due 3 months prior to the seminar's date.


Application forms are available from the DHS Administrator at